MS-Spectre - Mass Spectrometry analysis software

MS-Spectre is a visualisation and analysis tool for mass spectrometry. It provides (Quantitiave) analysis of multiple ls-ms(ms) runs, using mzXML import of raw data coming from spectrometers. MS-Spectre incorporates visualisation, analysis and export tools.

The development has started at the beginning of 2006 by computer science students of the University of Utrecht in cooperation with the Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC). Since then the program has made a steady progress. It is now capable of the efficient parsing of mzData and mzXML, the two leading XML standards for the capturing of mass spectrometric data. MS-Spectre also benefits of a fast visualisation of large files (files with over 200MB of data are very common in mass spectrometry) and supports basic analysis tools such as noise filtering, peak detection and the ability to compare found peaks between two samples.

The software is free, open-source software, and available under the LGPL.